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Hardware, Parts & Label Prices Increasing – Updated June 6, 2022

This information is up to date as of June 6, 2022.

As we enter 2022, supply chain constraints continue to drive up prices of goods everywhere. Most recently, cargo rates and raw materials prices are climbing, forcing barcode and RFID manufacturers to increase prices on their products.

Here is what our partners are telling us about the increases, and how you can stay ahead.

Effective July 5: Zebra to Increase Prices on Hardware

To offset increasing cargo rates and raw materials cost, Zebra plans to raise prices on most scanners, certain printer lines, mobile computers, and more by 6% on July 5. Read the full statement.

Zebra has advised its partners that any orders not shipped before July 5 will be subject to the increases. 

Effective MidMay: Prices on Labels & Supplies to Increase 

Effective May 16 label, tag and wristband supplies prices will increase 6%, according to a recent Zebra email. Receipt supplies prices will increase 10%. 

Zebra cites significant new raw material and freight costs as the reason for these increases. Due to labor shortages across the board, raw material suppliers are raising employee wages to attract the talent needed to produce and deliver raw materials.  

This information is sourced from a Zebra Technologies email sent to partners on 4/1/2022.  

Effective Late February: Zebra to Increase Prices on Majority of Hardware Line

On Feb. 28, 2022, prices on most of Zebra’s hardware and parts will increase 4% to 7%. Additionally, labels and other supplies will see a 4% to 8% increase. Purchases made before this date are not subject to the new pricing.

While Zebra is the first of our hardware partners to announce increases this year, we expect our other partners to do the same in the coming weeks. We will keep this page updated with the latest information as we receive it.

We are Here for You

AB&R is here to help you get ahead of the increases. Talk to your solutions consultant to learn more about the price increase and if it has any impact on the items you typically purchase. They can help you create a plan if your items are impacted and forecast your future needs for equipment and supplies.

Full Message from Our Partners

Zebra’s Message regarding July Increases

 Our industry is facing unprecedented cost increases in cargo rates and raw materials. To partially offset these cost increases, Zebra will increase list prices on the following products by 6%: Most Scanners, Printers in the ZD420, ZD421, ZT411, and ZT510 families, and Mobile Computers in the MC22, MC27, MC93, TC21, TC26, TC52, TC7 and Wearables categories. List Prices will also increase by 6% on Aftermarket, Accessories, and Mobile Computing Support Services unless specifically excluded below. 

Important information about this list price increase:


• The following products and services are EXCLUDED from this increase: 

  • Industrial scanners in LI360X, LI367X, DS360X, and DS367X product families 
  • Desktop printers in ZD220, ZD410, ZD411, ZD611, ZD620, and ZD621 product families 
  • Tabletop printers in ZT220, ZT230, ZT420, and ZT421 product families 
  • All Card Printers, Card Aftermarket, RFID Printers, Print Engines, and Mobile Printers 
  • Mobile Computers in MC33X, TC53X, TC57X, and TC58X product families 
  • All Tablets, Ring Scanners, RSX, and VCX product families 
  • All Barcode supplies, Scan Engines, and RFD4X and RD91X product families 
  • All OEM products, EMC Software products, Fixed Industrial Scanning/Machine Vision (FIX/MV) products, and Location Solutions 
  • All Services except Mobile Computing Support services 
  • TC21, TC26, or Tablet Mobile Computing support services 
  • All Mobile Robotics 

• Except for FIS/MV Accessories, all Accessories are included, even if the family exclusion is noted above. 

• All Aftermarket Batteries, Connectivity, and Printheads excluding Card are subject to this increase. 

• Prices will increase by 6% on any product or service not specifically excluded. 

• New orders for these products booked directly with Zebra after the effective date will reflect these changes. 

• Selected new products that are due to launch prior to the effective date and for which list prices have been provided to distributors, will also be subject to a price increase on the effective date. 

This content is sourced from a Zebra Technologies email sent to partners on 5/2/2022 | View Full Statement

Zebra’s Message from January 19

Our industry is facing unprecedented cost increases in cargo rates and raw materials. To partially offset these cost increases, Zebra will increase list prices on the following products:

  • Mobile Computers: All TC2, TC5, TC7, TC8, RS and WT product families will increase by 6%
  • Barcode Scanners: All general-purpose scanners, including MP7, and Kiosk and will increase by 6%.
  • All Industrial Scanners will increase by 4%
  • All RFID Scanners, Readers and Antennas will increase by 6%
  • Barcode Printers: All ZD4, ZT4, ZE5, RFID Printers, and all parts, printheads and batteries increase by 4%

Barcode Supplies will increase by the following amounts:

  • RFID media 7%
  • Barcode ribbons 4%
  • ZipShip synthetics and wristbands 6%
  • ZipShip paper products 8%

There are no increases on any of the following associated with this change: Mobile Printers including Mobile RFID; accessories in any category; tablets; card (printers, supplies, aftermarket or accessories); or services.

There are no list price changes to any product or service not listed in this notification. Please contact your Zebra® PartnerConnect reseller with additional questions or concerns.

Zebra Technologies

This content is sourced from a Zebra Technologies email sent to partners on 1/19/2022 | View Full Statement

Next Steps

AB&R is here to help you get ahead of these challenges. Please contact us with any questions.




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