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Advantages of RFID

“Market research analysts have predicted that the global RFID (radio-frequency identification) smart antenna market will grow steadily at an impressive CAGR of about 13% by 2020.Technavio. (2016, Aug). Global RFID Smart Antenna Market 2016-2020. https://www.technavio.com/report/global-embedded-systems-global-rfid-smart-antenna-market-2016-2020”

Proven Advantages of RFID


In 2014, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) implemented an RFID tracking system on its light rail cars, so it could conduct frequent assessments of their assets as required by new federal regulations. The idea was to not only track the cars but to track the main components as well. By tagging these pieces and strategically placing readers on the tracks, the UTA could tell exactly how much use it got out of each component. This is important in understanding how efficient the parts of each car are. As the system collects more data there will be more insight into flaws and areas of improvement. When considering other options to track these parts no other solution was as simple, effective, or economic. Swedberg, Claire. (2015, Jan 15) RFID Helps Keep Utah Transit Authority on Track. http://www.rfidjournal.com/articles/view?13129


Shipment Tracking

Migros is the largest supermarket, retailer, and employer in Switzerland. Their main distribution center ships 6000 pallets per day out of 120 dock doors. 29 of which are refrigerated. The company was looking to automate tracking out of the refrigerated doors, so workers could focus solely on loading and unloading trucks. Not trying to scan each pallet or RTI (Returnable Transport Item). To track all these containers effectively RFID tags were placed on the RTIs and the forklifts. The RFID tags on the forklifts would trigger a warning sign to the driver when it was at the wrong dock door. At the same time, the tags on the RTIs were being read, giving management real-time insight into fulfillment. No other solution could automate this process as effectively. Swedberg, Claire. (2014, Dec 09) Swiss Food Co-op Deploys RFID to Automate Shipment Tracking. http://www.rfidjournal.com/articles/view?12500


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The RFID market is growing and it’s growing at a rapid pace. Why is it gaining so much popularity? For one, the efficiency in reading and tracking RFID tags are nearly unmatched by any other current technology. Another factor is cost. Since RFID technology is becoming more readily available and supplies are increasing, the costs are decreasing. In the past, this has been a big hurdle for implementation.


RFID tags vs Barcode Labels

This comparison shows the advantages of RFID over barcode labels.


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