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Every Second Counts

Best-in-class DCs have a secret: Incremental workflow refinements multiply into huge advantages when scaled across your enterprise. For instance, when each worker ships one minute faster, you deliver major savings for the year. And how are workers shipping faster?

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Approaching Half-Way

As we make our way towards the half-way point in 2015, evaluate the performance of your business devices and equipment. Do your printers, scanners, or mobile handhelds need to be refreshed, upgraded, updated, or serviced?

The 5 most common delivery challenges

Proof of Delivery, Signature Capture, and Secure Data Transmission are a few of the most common delivery challenges today.

Then & Now

In celebration of AB&R’s 35 years, we look back on technology and how it has transformed our business into providing our clients with proven services and solutions.

From Desktop Computers to Mobile Handheld Computers…

AB&R Celebrates 35 Years!
AB&R (American Barcode and RFID Incorporated), a pioneer and leading Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) systems integrator, proudly announced its thirty-fifth year of business.

Getting to know the AB&R Team

Chris Coffman is a Regional Account Manager at AB&R (American Barcode and RFID). Chris has over 25 years of technology experience and working with Fortune 500 to SMB organizations. He enjoys being outdoors white water rafting, snow skiing, and camping.

Question: What is your favorite book?
Answer: Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet
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