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Automate Your Scanning, Traceability and Visual Inspections

Zebra fixed industrial scanning and machine vision sensors help you automate your tracking and inspection processes by capturing the data and images you need with one easy-to-use hardware and software platform.

Automatically trace products, parts, components and subassemblies.

Automate visual inspections for labels, products and packaging.

Enable high-speed sorting, routing, and logistics processes.

Enable robotic palletization for packaging and shipping.

Enable industrial automation with plug-and-play simplicity.

Simplify your job setup with a single hardware and software platform.

Automate Your Data Capture with Zebra Fixed Scanners

Track, trace, sort and route parts, assemblies, products and packaging with first-time, accurate, and trusted decode performance.
  • 1D/2D barcode capture
  • Direct part mark (DPM) scanning
  • OCR text recognition
  • Intelligent scanning algorithms
  • Sophisticated machine learning

Improve Your Quality Control with Machine Vision Inspections

Automate your visual inspections with machine vision sensors and all the right tools, optics and lighting to handle any job.
  • Visually inspect products for improved quality.
  • Verify correct parts, assemblies and subassemblies.
  • Visually inspect packaging, sealing and bottle caps.
  • Validate process step completion.
  • Count parts, components and products.

Simplify Industrial Automation with One Hardware and Software Platform

Zebra’s plug-and-play sensors and easy-to-learn Aurora software allow you to set up fixed scanning and machine vision jobs without needing separate hardware and software.
  • Sophisticated scanning, vision and automation made easy
  • One hardware platform for both fixed scanning and machine vision
  • One easy-to-learn software platform built for beginners and experts
  • A modern, intuitive and user-friendly interface to simplify job setup
  • Sliders and radio buttons to easily configure and adjust any setting
  • Built-in help videos to get you up and running in no time

What You Can Do with Zebra Fixed Scanning and Machine Vision

Capture Data Accurately, Reliably and Automatically
  • Capture 1D/2D barcodes, DPMs and text.
  • Capture multiple barcodes simultaneously.
  • Get high read rates of 60 frames per second.
  • Capture text with optical character recognition.
Conduct Automated and Sophisticated Image Analysis
  • Quickly detect and capture defects before they become an issue.
  • Detect patterns, edges and presence/absence.
  • Measure and count objects automatically.
  • Logically set up inspection jobs with Zebra’s FlowBuilder.

Powerful Capabilities and Features for Seamless Industrial Automation

High-Quality Image Capture and Inspections
  • Wide range of sensors from 1 to 5 megapixels
  • External or modular integrated lighting
  • Liquid lens technology or a wide range of C-Mount lenses
  • Push-button auto tuning of image capture
  • ImagePerfect+ capture of up to 16 images at once, each with its own setting
  • Wavelength, bandpass and polarizing filters
Complete Integration and Communication Features
  • Support for USB-C, Serial or Ethernet communication
  • EthernetIP, ProfiNet, CC-Link, ModBus and TCP/IP
  • Fully customizable I/O
  • Multiple ways to connect to power via 24VDC, USB-C or PoE
Easy Upgrades from Fixed Scanning to Machine Vision
  • Start with a fixed scanner and convert it into a machine vision camera.
  • Upgrade your device instantly with a simple software license upgrade.
  • Get it all with no additional hardware or software to buy.

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