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Automate Your Shipping, Receiving and Inventory with Zebra RFID

Automatically track and locate goods, materials and shipments as they move through your supply chain.

Track and Locate Your Supply Chain Assets Wirelessly

Zebra RFID solutions wirelessly identify, locate and track your supply chain assets as they move through your processes.  

Automatically track goods, materials and shipments.

Track assets automatically at dock doors, in warehouse aisles, on conveyor lines and more.

Capture items on the move in your supply chain.

Know where goods and materials are at any stage—from receiving to warehousing to shipping.

Know the ID, status and location of every asset.

Identify, locate and track any asset in your supply chain with precision and accuracy.

Eliminate manual scanning and tacking.

Capture asset data wirelessly and automatically, without needing to scan barcodes.

Achieve real-time, accurate asset visibility.

See into every process and asset with precise and reliable data to help you make decisions.

Verify and validate your processes.

Capture real-time data to help you ensure that every item, transaction and shipment is accurate.

Create end-to-end traceability.

Tag, track and maintain records of any material, component, work-in-process or finished good.

Reduce labor, costs and errors.

Easily track, manage and error-proof your supply chain with labor-saving automation.

How RFID Works

RFID uses technology that works like Wi-Fi. It uses radio signals to detect, locate and communicate with RFID tags, which identify your supply chain assets and help communicate their identity, status and location to your systems.

A Simple, Wireless and Automated Process


Print an RFID tag.

Tag an asset or pallet.

Read and locate the RFID tag.

PID the tagged asset or pallet.

Transmit and update its status in your systems.

Barcode and RFID Solutions for Real-World Applications

AB&R brings you the latest proven and innovative solutions to help you automate your supply chain tracking and visibility.
  1. Barcode and RFID Labels and Tags We offer blankpre-printed, eco-friendly and custom label solutions along with additional media supplies and accessories to fit any requirement large or small.
  2. Barcode and RFID Printers and Inlays Print and encode RFID tags fast and easily with Zebra industrial, desktop and mobile printers.
  3. Zebra ATR7000 RTLS Readers Wirelessly pinpoint the location of your receivables, inventory and shipments in real time.
  4. Zebra Handheld RFID Readers Bring RFID tag reading to rooms, workstations, aisles and other locations in your operations.
  5. Dock Door Portals Automatically identify and track inbound and outbound goods and shipments.
  6. RFID Tunnels Track assets as they move along conveyor lines or through key points in your processes.
  7. Mobile RFID Read RFID tags indoors or in the yard with a mobile pallet-style solution for your forklifts.
  8. RFID Tables Automatically identify and validate items and inventory placed on RFID tables.

Expert RFID Solution and System Design

Need to track your assets and supply chain more accurately and efficiently? Our RFID experts at AB&R will help you evaluate RFID, conduct site surveys and validation tests, and deploy an affordable solution that delivers the right results for your business. RFID Assessment | Site Surveys | System Design | Validation Tests | Hardware Software | RFID Tags | Deployment | Integration | Support GET STARTED


AB&R® (American Barcode and RFID) is a long-time leader in RFID, data capture and IoT solutions, providing businesses and industries with advanced technology to identify, track and manage inventory and assets throughout the supply chain. For over 40 years, we’ve been a trusted expert in technical innovation as well as supply chain performance and cost-effectiveness, providing services and solutions to transform businesses and enable greater efficiency and productivity in everything they do.

Start Automating Your Supply Chain Tracking and Management

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