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Guest Network

Guest networks apply at any facilities that want to offer Wi-Fi to visitors, contractors, clients, and customers without disruption of bandwidth of company operations.

Eliminate the difficulties operators are currently experiencing with building, managing, and integrating large-scale Wi-Fi in the enterprise space.

[tabs style=”vertical”][tab title=”Benefits”]Benefits

  • Scalable WLAN Controller
  • Support for WLAN gateway functionality
  • Integration of element Management System (EMS) Support
  • Support for Hotspot 2.0 functionality

[/tab][tab title=”Features”]Features

  • Large Scale Access Point Controller – The carrier-class element management system (EMS) can be integrated into an operator’s central NMS via standard data exchange interfaces, providing feature-rich management of access points, such as RF management, load balancing, adaptive meshing and backhaul optimization.
  • WLAN Gateway Support – Trusted WLAN Gateway functionality allows a Wi-Fi RAN to connect to a P-GW (or GGSN) in the mobile packet core over industry standard interfaces and using standard protocols like GTP and PMIP. This approach utilizes 802.1x/EAP for secure authentication and 802.11i for Wi-Fi airlink encryption.
  • Local Breakout –  Offload traffic directly to the Internet. Examples here include tablets and laptops, which in most cases do not have cellular modems.
  • Carrier-class Element Management System (EMS) –  Used for rapid deployment and eliminates the need for separate and expensive management systems. 

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SmartCell Gateway

AB&R® delivers the most scalable and versatile WLAN platform solution 

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