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Automate Your Maximo Data Capture and Asset Tracking

Easily track and manage utility assets with no manual data entry, fewer errors and beautifully digital efficiency.

The Faster and Easier Way to Get Data into Maximo

AB&R’s Accutivi software and Zebra technologies automate your Maximo data capture and asset tracking with fast, easy and error-proofed processes that significantly reduce data entry time and human error.

Faster Data Input

Automate your Maximo data entry and asset tracking with barcode scans and RFID

Simple Mobile Workflows

Easily scan items, print labels and manage your assets as they move through your supply chain.

No Data Entry Errors

Replace your manual and error-prone data entry with an automated and digital process.

Real-Time Asset Visibility

Know the status and location of all your utility assets at any given time.

Consistent Data Tracking

Identify and track your assets accurately based on industry-leading data standards.

Full Maximo Compatibility

Easily integrate automated data capture and tracking with IBM Maximo and other EAM systems.

Watch Our Video

Get a quick overview of how Accuviti software and Zebra solutions work together to automate your Maximo workflows.

How it Works


Quickly and easily identify any utility asset with a barcode scan or RFID tag read.


Track your assets automatically with standardized data and Maximo integration.


Digitally manage your assets as they move through your supply chain and yard.

Core Features

  • Asset and inventory transactions anywhere
  • One source of truth for all utilities
  • Automated and digital processes
  • Mobile barcode label and RFID tag printing
  • Mobile barcode scanning and RFID data capture
  • Fast, simple and intuitive mobile workflows
  • Easy data entry with fewer errors
  • Store-and-forward capability for offline use
  • Accessible via mobile or desktop computer
  • Maximo integration and interface

6 Big Benefits for Utilities

  1. Accuviti provides real-time visibility into your operations, unlocking the critical data required to make informed decisions.
  2. Accuviti streamlines asset management, so you can track inventory with less labor, less cost and fewer errors.
  3. Accuviti makes it easy for your workers to track and manage inventory in the field, in the yard and in your warehouse.
  4. Accuviti provides a fast and simple inventory search, so you can instantly find what you need and its status and location.
  5. Accuviti allows you to capture data and store changes while you’re offline, and then update your business systems later.
  6. Accutivi is built on the simple and user-friendly Android operating system, making it easy for anyone to learn and use.

Mobile Accessibility via Zebra Technologies

Accuviti works with Zebra rugged tablets, mobile computers, barcode printers and RFID printers to tag, track and label your assets and deliver mission-critical Maximo workflows and data at your fingertips. As a leader in data capture and mobility solutions for more than 50 years, Zebra has helped thousands of companies increase supply chain visibility with the power of digital technology. EXPLORE ZEBRA SOLUTIONS

Start Automating Your Asset Management with Accuviti

Contact AB&R now to request a demo and learn how to automate your asset tracking workflows.