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3 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Shipping Department

Is your shipping department perfect? Everything is running smooth, and you have no problems with staffing, productivity, or cost? If so, well done! You’re doing things right, and this article isn’t for you.

But, if you’re like the rest of us out there, you probably have areas of improvement in mind that you’d like to make in the shipping arena. This article is for you!

We put together a list of three shipping department mistakes, along with simple ways to fix.
Mistake 1: Slow shipping/receiving because of manual processes

How to fix

Meet the AutoCube 8200. This revolutionary 3D dimensioning device is easy-to-use and instantly measures any package in less than a second. The measuring accuracy is within 5mm and this device has increased shipping and receiving throughput by 77%.

Even better, the AutoCube 8200 is small and lightweight, which makes it the perfect tool for any environment. Setup is easy and just requires a USB cable, a computer, and software. Plus, for a limited time, you can score a free month of the AutoCube 8200 service when you purchase a yearly subscription!

To learn more about the AutoCube dimensioning device, check out our product review and watch the short video below.

Source: Honeywell
Mistake 2: Poor planning and lack of insight
Do you ever get so caught up in the day-to-day activities, it seems like your department can never get ahead? Often times, lack of planning can cause shipping delays because you don’t have enough staff to get the job done. Or, the opposite could be true where you have too many people working in the warehouse with nothing to do.

How to fix

Learn more about the sales cycle to predict when you’ll need to increase your shipping efforts. Do some research into your shipping records from the previous 12 months to identify any spikes in shipping activity. Once you’ve analyzed that information, work with your leadership team to make sure you have enough resources to handle increased shipping. When it’s slow, you may be able to reallocate your top performers to other areas of the business.
Mistake 3: Lack of inventory management process
This may sound like a no-brainer, but a lot of companies don’t have access to their real-time inventory numbers due to lack of process and technology. The inventory level of your packaging and boxes are essential, and if you use technology (such as scanners or tablets), it’s important to know where they are. Plus, don’t forget about those larger items too such as pallet jacks and reusable containers. This lack of inventory management will cause serious delays in your shipping and receiving department.

How to fix

Barcode and RFID technology is being used by companies all over the country to improve efficiencies in the supply chain. RFID tags and barcodes can be affixed to virtually any device, allowing them to be tracked throughout the supply chain. Barcode systems are generally less expensive to implement but require employees to scan your inventory. RFID technology, on the other hand, is generally more expensive to implement, but RFID tags can automatically be read with a long-range RFID reader without the need for a person.

The AutoCube 8200 is lightweight and portable. It can scan any box dimensions in under a second.

So, are you ready to stop making these three mistakes?

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