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5 Benefits of Wearable Technology

We see it all too often, a user in the warehouse sets down their mobile device only for it to accidentally get hauled down the conveyor line. This is just one example of a situation that could easily be prevented if their company transitions to wearable technology.

The most innovative distribution centers and warehouses across the country have found that these ergonomic devices are the perfect optimizing solution. In fact, 79% of wearable adopters agree that wearables are or will be strategic to their company’s future business success3. With the increased adoption of wearable technology, both in work and everyday life, that statistic is hardly a surprise.

Wearables provide you with the power of hands-free picking, sorting, and scan verification. Proven to increase turnover and transform the way employees work, they improve your supply chain by setting a new standard of efficiency. This technology can solve your warehouse’s challenges, here are the top five ways your company can benefit from adopting these solutions.

Start Seeing These 5 Positive Changes with Wearables

1. Increased Productivity
Wearables have a wide range of features that deliver increased production by 15%¹. This is essential for the need-it-now culture we are living in. Consumers now want faster delivery time, which can put new challenges on manufacturers and their supply chain. These hands-free scanners come in handy for applications that demand the constant use of hands, like loading a truck, large packing handling, making a sale, and so on. Any time two hands are required, these devices free up your fingers, allowing you to pick faster and significantly expand productivity.

2. Enhanced Speed
Every second counts in operation workflows. With increased situational awareness and hands-free devices, workers can complete jobs more quickly. Setting down and picking up mobile computers multiple times a day takes up unnecessary time. It needlessly raises your turnover time. Wearables ensure there will be fewer interruptions in your workflow, increasing the speed of output. All in all, that means you’re cutting down on those extra minutes wasted.

3. Superior Task Accuracy
A hands-free scanner and picking system is proven to reduce errors by 39%¹. Malfunctions and machine issues are common in every warehouse, but with wearables you can improve accuracy in your operations. Employees are able focus all of their attention to the task at hand, not having to stop to pick up their technology. This uninterrupted workflow is a large component of the increased task accuracy.

4. Outstanding Wireless Readability
Wearable products aren’t new – the first wearable computer was created in the 1960s. After years of experience with wearable solutions the top companies used their expertise to implement multiple improvements. These wearable solutions have improved scanning performance on poor quality or damaged barcodes, along with excellent motion tolerance and fast decode speeds. Some devices, like the Bluetooth Ring scanners that use the latest Bluetooth technology, leave no room for complications. Headset wearables that include Soundsense technology that reduces unwanted noise by 50%² to provide superior voice recognition for greater productivity.

5. Increased Worker Awareness
Your supply chain workers will experience a transformation with wearable devices wherever they are. From the loading docks, warehouse floor, assembly line, or any demanding setting, wearables will heighten the level of any employees’ environmental awareness. Assembled with soft and pliable rubber straps, these devices are designed for employee satisfaction – discomfort will not become a distraction. By being highly engaged with their surroundings, safety issues, accidents, and replacement costs can be avoided.

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