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5 Interesting Facts About Zebra Printers

Zebra printers get their name by being manufactured by Zebra Industries. Since its inception in 1991, this publicly-traded company has become a global industry leader in barcoding and RFID technology. It focuses on providing high-speed electromagnetic products that are unsurpassed in quality and efficiency. It is reported to have the largest market share in the industry. Products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Below are some more interesting facts to know about its printers.

1. Zebra label printer

The Zebra barcode printer offered has developed an unsurpassed reputation for quality and excellence in the barcoding industry. All of its printers operate via a programming language known as ZPL. This programming language is known for being the industry standard for producing label files. The company holds the largest market share in the label printer segment.

Technological advancements improve software compatibility among platforms. Consulting with a trained professional is recommended to choose the correct language and label printer.

Determining which label printer suits a company’s unique needs depends upon space, budget, operating environment, minimum speed requirements, and expected work cycles. Printers come in all sizes, durability, weights, and price ranges. Wristband models, for instance, can easily be transported for mobile labeling purposes. These models have an industry reputation for offering hassle-free printing via their easy-to-load cartridges.

2. Working environment matters

The location of the Zebra printer matters. Companies that operate in harsh conditions will need industrial strength models. Harsh conditions can include inclement weather conditions like strong winds, dust storms, thunderstorms and the like. These models are manufactured with sealed cabinetry that prevents dust and other elements from entering internal operations. Models are more durable than standard desktop models. The printers work perfectly for companies dealing with high volumes of warehouse labeling, shipping and receiving, and/or cross docking.

Durable and rugged desktop models will work well in office environments, commercial enterprises and light industrial firms.

3. Relies on matching supplies

All printers rely on using the appropriate matching supplies. This optimizes the printer’s performance level and enhances the print head’s useful life. Printers must be matched with the correct media and ribbon combinations. Using the incorrect combinations can cause a number of hardships including lower print quality, harming the print head, and causing printer malfunctioning.

4. Understanding the Zebra thermal printer

A thermal printer uses heat to produce needed characters. Which Zebra printer labels are used depends on whether direct thermal or thermal transfer print technology is used during the process. The printer applies characters to specialized heat-sensitive paper. Zebra manufacturing claims state that these printers are ideal for companies maintaining a low to mid-range printing volume. These specialized models can produce a variety of company collateral. Printed collateral includes prescriptions, invoices, receipts, lab sampling data and tracking, and photo processing labels.

5. Zebra card printer

This printer makes it possible to produce high-quality card imaging for either single or double-sided purposes. Cards can increase company and employee safety. The printer can produce identification cards, security badges, track employees, driver licenses, gift cards, discount cards, and access control devices.

A number of printer options are available including smart card encoding, magnetic stripe encoding and connectivity for either wireless or wired technology. Additional options increase the purchase price. Consulting with a trained professional, like those at ABRFID, is the best option for finding the perfect solution.

Zebra printers offer something for everyone. Finding the perfect solution can take a company to the next level.