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5 Ways to Optimize Your Distribution Center for 2021

Warehouse management and ensuring that it operates at its optimal level is no easy task. Operations are often multi-faceted, with many different tasks, shifting inventory locations, and new challenges with each passing day.

Within each bustling distribution center, there are many opportunities for human error and areas for improvement. In fact, warehouses lose 3,000 hours per year due to their inefficiencies. Online shopping and deliveries have skyrocketed in 2020,  with one analytics firm reporting a nearly 28% increase in sales for this year’s Holiday season alone. Because of this, it has never been more essential to identify and fix issues in your operations. That is where AB&R can help. Here are some solutions to optimize your distribution center’s performance.

Real-Time Tracking
Whether you are tracking assets throughout your facility or want to know where your employees are on the warehouse floor, RLTS provide a means of tracking both employees and unique assets through RFID tags. With RTLS and RFID tracking, you can have instantaneous visibility on all of your high-value assets. This insight into your operations ensures a better-connected supply chain, reducing error while increasing your productivity.

Inventory Control Solutions
Manually counting your stock every day is a laborious, expensive task with many opportunities for error. With AB&R’s intuitive RFID Stockroom Technology, you can rest assured that you are receiving an accurate, real-time count of your stock. Additionally, its cloud-based, mobile-friendly system gives you the power to evaluate your stockroom anywhere and at any time throughout your workday.

Voice-Enabled Picking
Picking is one of the most detail-oriented jobs in a warehouse and perhaps the job where most mistakes happen. With a less than 30-day implementation and three-hour employee training period, voice-enabled picking is a versatile solution that does not always require a company to purchase new equipment; rather, some voice-enabled technology will work on any device, server or application you already own. This technology can also apply to other warehouse functions, such as receiving and sorting.

Fleet Management and Delivery
A key part to every distribution center is delivery. AB&R’s fleet management technology solutions offer a wide variety of benefits, including the ability to monitor your drivers’ performance in real-time, accurately schedule pickups and dispatch drivers, and process transactions on-demand, allowing your drivers to quickly correct any mistakes.

Balance Safety and Productivity
In today’s climate, businesses are struggling to both ensure the safety of their warehouse and distribution center employees while maintaining consistent operations. There are several cloud-based remote asset platforms like MotionWorks Proximity and Operational Intelligence that are dedicated to ensuring your employees stay productive while also following local health regulations.

There are many tasks to keep track of in a busy distribution center like yours. Here at AB&R, we have the products and solutions that will help you maintain a safe, efficient workflow while removing errors in critical roles such as picking, ensuring inventory integrity and keeping track of both critical assets and your delivery drivers.

If you want to power up your operations, reach out to AB&R for a consult and plan of attack that is custom fit for you and your business’s unique needs. We are here to make you better!


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