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8 Benefits of Mobile Device Configuration Services

It’s the small things that matter, especially in your supply chain.

Once you have a ballpark of the type of mobile device or scanner you need, the next step is to consider how the items will integrate into your workflow.

To make it even easier for your organization, we offer mobile device configuration designed to take the guesswork out of installation. Below is a snapshot of what you’ll receive with our configuration service.

1) Firmware upgrade or downgrade
Your new device will likely need its firmware upgraded or downgraded. The purpose of this step is to make sure your device is operating with the latest software and security updates to prevent any performance issues.

2) Hardware configuration
We’ll make sure additional hardware such as vehicle mounts, adapters, and storage cards are configured. These accessories go a long way in ensuring your team is comfortable and productive using their device.

3) Software configuration
Even for the most tech-savvy person, software configuration can be a complicated task. Our dedicated team of engineers will make sure the correct software and apps are configured on your device.

4) Cellular activation
Our team will activate your cellular enabled device on a service provider network, allowing you to use voice and data services on your mobile device.

5) Network configuration
One of the most important requirements in selecting a mobile device is making sure it communicates with your existing software. As part of our services, our team will configure your new equipment on your network to achieve an optimal setup.

6) Connectivity/functionality testing
Our goal is to create wins in the supply chain. So, before we turn you loose, our team will conduct a thorough test to make sure your new equipment is good to go.

7) Technical support and help desk
If you ever run into a snag with your device, we’ve got your back. Our technical support and help desk is available in the event you need to talk to someone about your device. We’ll assist you with any performance issues, questions, or feedback you have with your device.

8) Other services
If you have additional device configuration requests, just let us know. We offer a device rental program that’s perfect to get you through the busy holiday season, plus we can accommodate a wide range of solutions to make sure you have a successful experience with your new equipment.

Ready to learn more about our device configuration services? Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in contact.