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A Key to Manufacturing and Warehousing Success in Arizona

A Key to Manufacturing and Warehousing Success in Arizona

The Phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding cities are booming with new warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants right now. If you’re one of the dozens of companies that are opening new facilities in the state, you’ve likely found by now that there’s a lot of work to do to get your operations up and running quickly and efficiently.

This is where working with local partners is your competitive advantage, especially since facility startups and rapid expansion are nothing new to the region.

Several Fortune 500 companies have already expanded into the Phoenix area and operated successfully here for years. One of the keys to their success has been leveraging local technology partnerships to get their facilities running and optimized as quickly and effectively as possible.

As they move into the Valley of the Sun, these companies turn to AB&R for help. AB&R helps thousands of companies across North America identify, track, and manage their critical assets and inventory. Conveniently located by Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, we provide prompt support to Arizona companies.

The Power of a Local partner and World-Renowned Data Capture Technology

Getting a manufacturing plant, warehouse, or distribution center operational is a huge undertaking. But you can get on the fast track to opening and optimizing your facility when you have local experts on the ground to set up your inventory and asset tracking, mobile workflows, and process automation.

AB&R partners with Zebra Technologies, the world’s leading barcode and RFID hardware manufacturer, to help Arizona newcomers create more efficient and accurate inventory management processes with barcode, RFID, and even Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) to meet their needs.

Using the right combination of these technologies, warehouses and DCs can automate their inventory tracking and even achieve real-time visibility into the status and location of every item. They can track inventory from end-to-end in their operations with precision, allowing them to:

minimize out-of-stocks,
streamline receiving, put-away, picking, and shipping operations, and
conduct inventory counts in vastly less time and with fewer resources.

Here are two examples of data capture solutions we can design that combine the right mix of hardware and software to streamline our customer’s workflows.

We’ve helped some companies take advantage of the latest innovations in hands-free and voice-directed warehouse picking by introducing wearable technologies such as finger-worn barcode scanners, wrist-worn mobile computers, and head-up displays (HUDs).

Workers equipped with these devices have a hands-free way of receiving pick lists and directions to each item’s locations directly on their wearable mobile computer, which they can also use to verify correct picks. In most cases, this translates into double-digit gains in picking efficiency and accuracy, with less walking and physical strain on your warehouse pickers.

RFID tracking
We’ve also worked with several major aerospace, aviation, and medical device manufacturers to implement Zebra RFID tracking systems that help them track high-value assets such as manufactured goods or inspection equipment.

RFID readers identify assets and capture their movement data as they move from room to room or building to building. Strategically placed RFID readers do this as items pass key check points such as entrances, doorways or production stations, logging each asset’s location and tracking it digitally.

Using simple software, workers and managers can locate and retrieve assets without conducting time-consuming searches or delaying production. They avoid lost or missing assets, which helps minimize unnecessary spending on costly replacements. RFID can also ensure that each asset is maintained and inspected on schedule, with accompanying digital documentation.

These are just a few examples of how strategically using data capture technologies can turn into a major win for your new facility and your operational efficiency. And by working with local experts who are there to help recommend, deploy and service the right solutions, you can set up and optimize your operations faster and more effectively.

Next Steps
If you want to get on the fast track to manufacturing or warehousing success in Arizona, then considering the data capture technology is the place to start, and you can start locally and lean on area experts to help you along the way.

We’ve served thousands of companies across Arizona and the rest of North America since 1980, and we’re always happy to lend our expertise to help you achieve success. Contact us today to speak with a specialist and learn more about how to optimize your new facility.