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AB&R Celebrates 35 Years of Business

Phoenix, Arizona, March 2, 2015 – AB&R (American Barcode and RFID Incorporated), a pioneer and leading Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) systems integrator, proudly announced its thirty-fifth year of business.

AB&R was founded in 1980 and known then as Burland and Associates. The initial objective of their business was helping manufacturers and distributors with the networking of their computer technology.  Eventually, that evolved into supporting them with networking barcode technology into their various operations. Burland and Associates continued to expand its line card from cabling and switches to include barcode label printers and laser scanners and the company name changed to American Barcode Concepts. As more retail businesses adopted barcode compliance labeling requirements from their suppliers, American Barcode Concepts set themselves apart from the competition by providing their manufacturing clients with turnkey barcode labeling solutions that included thermal transfer printers, shipping labels, software, label design services, integration, implementation, and support. The drive for world-wide standardization of barcodes and regulations created more opportunities for American Barcode Concepts. In 1997, American Barcode Concepts became American Barcode Corporation under new management and the established organization continued to grow and expand.

In 1999, American Barcode Corporation became an early adopter of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and in 2003 when Walmart mandated the use of RFID technology by its suppliers, American Barcode Corporation was one of the few experts in RFID solutions and the professional services required to make it work. Recognizing the importance of RFID in the future of the supply chain, they added RFID to their company name.

American Barcode and RFID continued to grow from the simple barcode printing and scanning experts to include the more complex RFID systems and solutions. Their clients count on them from everything including AIDC consultation, configuration, implementation, installation, support and repair making them more than just a barcode and RFID system integrator. In 2014, American Barcode and RFID evolved on to be simply known as AB&R, with expertise in Asset Tracking, Inventory Control, Warehouse Management Systems, Mobile Device Management Services as well as Commercial Cellular and Wi-Fi Solutions.

As for the future of AB&R, their clients, new and existing, can expect the thirty-five years of proven experience built into every AIDC solution. AB&R has become known as the technology integrators that businesses can rely on to improve their overall efficiency and productivity in the supply chain with highly reliable products, software, support and managed services.

“Our clients have relied on our 35 years of experience and innovation to provide them the best AIDC technology solutions in the industry,” says Mike Stryczek, CEO of AB&R. “I’m proud of how our team has evolved over the years and I am looking forward to the future years of AIDC growth and continued advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT).”

AB&R’s 35th Anniversary Celebration will include a look-back over the years of business with a milestone timeline, client-appreciation events, and a look-ahead to the future of their business.

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About AB&R

Since 1980, AB&R (American Barcode and RFID Inc.) has been a nationally-recognized integrator of proven solutions that drive efficiency and productivity in the supply chain.  Those solutions include asset tracking, inventory management, work force mobilization, wireless networking, and the managed services to support them all.  For further information about AB&R please visit


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