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AB&R Partners with Motion Computing

American Barcode and RFID Inc. (AB&R) announces a partnership with Motion Computing to bring hi-tech mobile solutions to it’s customers.

Phoenix, Arizona,  August 1, 2013 – American Barcode and RFID Inc. (AB&R) has partnered with Motion Computing to provide rugged business solutions to today’s mobile worker. Surviving and thriving in today’s tough economy has forced businesses to adopt continual improvement strategies. What worked last year or even last quarter may not be enough to thrive next year.

“Combining AB&R’s state of the art software with Motion Computing’s best in class rugged electronic devices is a great answer to our customers problems.” according to AB&R’s President Dino Farfante.

The customizable solution help organizations track assets, inventory and everything else that is valuable to a business while assuring a solid return on investment in a short time span.

About Motion Computing 

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Motion Computing is a leading global provider of tablet PCs and supporting mobility solutions for vertical markets, including healthcare,construction, field service and retail. Rugged, lightweight and highly mobile, Motion Tablet PCs are designed for mobile professionals who require real-time computing at the point of service. Users can gather, access, analyze and transmit the critical information they need in order to be productive in today’s de-centralize

About AB&R
Since 1980, American Barcode and RFID Inc. (AB&R) has been a nationally-recognized integrator of proven solutions that drive efficiency and productivity in the supply chain.  Those solutions include asset tracking, inventory management, work force mobilization, wireless networking, and the managed services to support them all.  For further information about AB&R please visit


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