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Achieve These 3 New Year’s Resolutions with Barcoding and RFID

We have entered a new year. If you’re like us and thousands of other companies, you have identified areas in your operations that you want to improve this year.

Whether you are improving efficiency or pledging to reduce waste, here are three common New Year’s Resolutions and how Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) can help you achieve them.

Many of us are looking for ways to reduce waste and create new sustainable practices. You can build these eco-friendly business practices by making a change as small as the label on your items.

Our eco-friendly labeling solutions make it easy to reduce waste and recycle packaging. Additionally, some label rolls come with 40% more feet per roll. In fact, these supplies and their packaging are recycled products themselves.

Think about how many items you manufacture, store, and ship. One small change to your labels will put you well on your way to a more sustainable business – and we’re all better off for it! Read all about our eco-friendly labels below.


It is important to consider how much replacement costs eat into your budget. When you often lose and replace equipment, those unforeseen purchases and extra hours of downtime add up.

One of AB&R’s customers, a Fortune 100 defense manufacturer, spent millions of dollars searching for and replacing lost inspection equipment annually. AB&R designed, developed, and installed an RFID asset tracking system that enabled the manufacturer to locate and recover missing items quickly.

The company realized a full ROI on the first tool the system found and saw a 73% reduction in unallocated asset write-offs. Read more about the case study using the button below.


Recent e-commerce surges have transformed our customers’ expectations and market demand. Same- or next-day delivery is now an expectation rather than a preference, requiring us to deliver our products as quickly and accurately as possible. However, more than 80% of warehouses have no form of automation, a significant barrier to this level of efficiency.

Automation isn’t just robotics and artificial intelligence: simpler technologies like barcode and RFID will put you well on your way to increasing efficiency. Barcodes and RFID remove the need for manual data entry, enabling you to increase your throughput while slashing task times throughout your facility.

Though they serve similar purposes, barcode and RFID systems are nothing alike. As you explore new ways to optimize your workflows and increase efficiency, make sure to check out our barcode and RFID guides. Both documents dive deep into their respective technology, their applications, when to use one over the other, and more.

Read the Barcode Guide


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Next Steps
AB&R maintains the same New Year’s Resolution we have had for more than 40 years: helping customers like you identify, track, and manage your assets and inventory. Whatever your goals are for 2023, AB&R’s tailored solutions will make them happen. Contact us using the form below to get in touch with a specialist.