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Advantages of RFID vs Barcodes

RFID vs Barcodes: A Quick Comparison

Advantages of RFID

RFID technology automates data collection and vastly reduces human effort and error

RFID supports tag reading with no line-of-sight or item-by-item scans required

RFID readers can read multiple RFID tags simultaneously, offering increases in efficiency

All RFID tags within range can be detected instantly and matched with information in your database

Assets can be cross-referenced against assigned locations and recorded as present, missing, or relocated

RFID can be integrated with active scanning and fixed readers for a totally automated tracking solution

Assets and employees can be tracked and located automatically for everything from supply chain and asset management to facility security and emergency planning

Available scanners support both RFID and barcoding so you can upgrade at your own pace

Surpasses Barcodes Limitations

RFID avoids the limitations of barcode scanning, which requires line-of-sight access to each barcode and can only be used to scan one item at a time. Instead, RFID tags do not require line-of-site, and multiple RFID tags can be detected and read remotely and simultaneously. They can be read from a variety of distances based on the type of tag and the use of a handheld reader or a fixed RFID reader combined with an antenna.

This means that, even with entry-level handheld readers, multiple RFID tags can be read simultaneously from a distance 6 to 15 feet, and more advanced tags enable distances of 30 to 50 feet or more for select items. So, rather than having to pick up or turn over a piece of equipment and scan its barcode, a user can simply wave a handheld reader within range of multiple assets tagged with RFID. The device will automatically read and recognize the tags, even if they are located underneath the objects and are not visible. Moreover, fixed readers combined with antennas eliminate the need for handheld reading and provide a fully automated solution for tracking the movement or location of assets and even employees virtually anywhere in your facilities.

Mitigate Human Error

RFID not only streamlines and automates asset scanning but also eliminates the possibility of human error. Each asset or tagged item is detected and identified automatically, and it is matched up with the correct information in your database using its unique ID. There is no possibility of human scanning errors or incorrect logging or updating of information on paper records or in a spreadsheet. This allows manufacturers to maintain a completely accurate inventory of all tagged assets and properly account for current assets and future supply chain, planning, or equipment needs. Plus, with RFID tagging, workers can quickly locate and identify any asset or even track the movement and verify the location of employees anywhere in your buildings.

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