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Automated Shipment Verification

Automated Shipment Verification Boosts Your Productivity

Operating at maximum efficiency is critical in today’s fast-moving business environment. Manually tracking inventory as it flows in and out of your business will leave you in the dust. The process is slow, costly, and inaccurate. Human error alone can effect counts by 2-5%. Why risk all of that when you can seamlessly track everything with nearly 100% accuracy?

Our automated shipment verification solution will keep your counts accurate, which makes you more productive in the long run. When you don’t have to recount or relocate inventory, receive as many returns for improper shipments, and reship corrected orders you’re saving time and money in labor costs. Doesn’t that help you to breathe easy? The resulting labor savings means that the same workforce can do more. Shipment verification systems lift you closer to peak productivity levels.

What is needed for automated shipment verification?

Not much, actually!

RFID Tags: RFID tags are attached to the pallets, assets or individual products you are looking to track. There is a multitude of tags to choose from depending on your operation.

RFID Readers: Most operations want readers at their dock doors where shipments are constantly moving in and out. However, each business is different, and readers may need to be installed elsewhere.

Cloud-Based Integration or Stand-Alone: By using the cloud, information communicated between readers and tags is available in real-time. This allows managers to quickly diagnose inconsistencies or errors in shipments.

How is this solution implemented?
The AB&R® solution process is what separates us from the rest. Our team of experts works with you to determine the exact readers, tags, and software that best suits your operation. There are thousands of combinations to choose from, and it’s critical to find the right mix. Then, we’ll go on-site and test the tags and readers in your environment to ensure they work just right. This is to ensure the solution is completely optimized. Once all the wrinkles are ironed out, we’ll fully implement your automated shipment verification system. It’s that easy! You’ll have near 100% visibility and wonder how you ever survived without it.

Leave your contact info below or call us today 800-281-3056 to take your first step toward a fully automated shipment verification solution.