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Beaconing and wearable technology


Using beaconing and wearable technology to improve your supply chain
Beacon capabilities offer real-time asset locationing. Let’s simplify what that means. Beacons offer the ability to find or identify items and locations by sending a signal at the right time to make the user aware that they are in the right place or have located an item.

Using a combination of technologies such as Bluetooth low energy (BLE), RFID readers, active RFID tags, and a RFID-enabled device, a beaconing signal can be sent to a device to help you to find an item, a location, or alert you for wrong placement or shipments. Using a wearable device with a beacon alert system you add an additional layer of efficiency and productivity that your employees will find successful with accuracy improvements and higher customer satisfaction.

Advantages of Beaconing:

Little to no additional infrastructure needed
Use existing Android mobile devices and smartphones as both readers and beacons
Lower cost per tag then typical active RFID
Acts as an standard in the active RFID industry which has no established standards
Easy to install
Battery, USB, or AC Line powered

Wearable Technology
The most innovative warehouses across the country have found that these ergonomic devices are the perfect optimizing solution. Wearables provide you with the power of hands-free picking, sorting, and scan verification. Proven to increase turnover and transform the way employees work, they will improve your supply chain by setting a new standard of efficiency.
Top 5 Benefits of Wearable Technology & Solutions

Increased Productivity

Wearables have a wide range of features that deliver increased production by 15%¹. This is essential for the need-it-now culture we are living in. Consumers now want faster delivery time, which can put new challenges on manufacturers and their supply chain. In applications that demand the constant use of hands used for loading a truck, large packing handling, making a sale, or any time two hands are required, these devices allow you to use both hands to pick faster and expand productivity dramatically.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Your warehouse workers will experience a transformation wherever they are. From the loading docks, warehouse floor, assembly line, or any demanding setting, wearables will heighten the level of any employees’ environmental awareness. Assembled with soft and pliable rubber straps, these prestigious devices are designed to ensure employee satisfaction – eliminating any distractions caused by discomfort. By being highly engaged with their surroundings, safety issues, accidents, and replacement costs can be avoided.

Outstanding Wireless Readability

With years of experience with wearable solutions, there has been multiple design improvements. These wearable solutions have improved scanning performance on poor quality or damaged barcodes along with excellent motion tolerance and fast decode speeds. Some devices such as the Bluetooth Ring scanners that use the latest Bluetooth technology that leave no room for complications. Headset wearables that include Soundsense technology that reduces unwanted noise by 50%² to provide superior voice recognition for greater productivity.

Increased Speed

Every second counts in operation workflows. With increased situational awareness and hands-free solutions, jobs can be completed in a significantly reduced amount of time. Setting down and picking up mobile computers multiple times a day adds unnecessary time to your turnover speed. There will be fewer interruptions in your workflow, increasing the speed of output which results in cutting down those extra minutes wasted.

Improved Task Accuracy

A hands-free picking system is proven to reduce errors by 39%¹. Malfunctions and machine issues are common in every warehouse, but with the use of wearables you can have error proof operations. Employees are able focus all of their attention to the task at hand, preventing multiple every-day challenges.

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