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Cloud-Based Technology and the Importance of Commercial Wi-Fi Networks and Infrastructure

Cloud-Based Technology
This year alone, cloud-based adoption has increased 40%* in the supply chain sector. Responsiveness to cloud-based supply chain solutions will continue to grow, with Gartner predicting the total public cloud services market size expansion to $206.6 billion by 2016.

Are you ready to optimize the cloud?

The simplified breakdown of “cloud computing” is a software tool that is shared across multiple users via the web. With developments in software, transportation, logistics, and supply chain companies companies such as 3PLs, forwarders, and ocean carriers can ‘rent’ software that is hosted on a cloud platform instead of buying expensive software licenses, buying servers, or hiring additional staff.

Using Cloud-Based Technologies requires high-performance Commercial Wi-Fi

Commercial Wi-Fi has evolved with rugged hardware to withstand harsh environments indoors and out, point-to-point solutions  to allow for business expansion with multi-facility network connectivity, secure guest networks and hotspots to provide more mobility in the workplace, and overall faster, reliable coverage. All of these solutions can be managed through the cloud on or offsite.

Importance of Commercial Wi-Fi for successful Cloud-Based Technologies

In order for Cloud-based technologies to perform successfully, existing Wi-Fi networks and infrastructure may need to be adjusted. In 2014, Commercial Wi-Fi advancements are expected to continue to gain traction. The 802.11ac adoption in businesses, impact of BYOD, the need for Cloud, Hotspot and Passpoint opportunities all will have a part in the push for high-performance wireless inside and outside of business organizations.

Many of the companies we see are bogged down by slow wireless connectivity and not enough reliable coverage to reach optimal productivity levels. The importance of Wi-Fi connectivity is often overlooked leaving organizations to face a huge disadvantage. Consider all of the devices and systems that businesses need today to update in real-time every day for processes to run smoothly. Anything from hardware; handheld scanners, printers, and mobile devices to software; management systems, financials, operations, and so much more are impacted by the performance of Wi-Fi.  A Commercial Wi-Fi network and infrastructure becomes important to stay productive, efficient, and competitive.

Summary of the benefits of cloud-based technology software shaking hands with a high-performance Commercial Wi-Fi infrastructure include:

Real-time visibility
Accurate, business-critical communications
Agility and flexibility to make informed decisions faster
Improvements in efficiency, productivity, and performance

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*Source: Logistics