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Contactless Coupons with RFID

Picking up a Big Mac at McDonald’s may soon require a smartphone. Cash and cards are be timeless payment methods used everywhere, but the ease of RFID payment and more make even the convenience of a credit card appear feeble.

At a McDonalds in Japan, and soon in many more, contactless coupons with RFID  — which can be attained as a downloadable smartphone application — allow customers to order their meals, redeem coupons, and even pay via cell phone.  The ease with which the consumer can place an order makes an RFID restaurant system one of esteem for its efficiency. The use of this technology is certainly revolutionary in the food industry, and will bring about major change in service.

By letting the customers do the ordering for them, the restaurant is able to focus on filling orders instead of paying an employee to take orders at the register. The application is easy to use for the customers, and in the future, with market analysis, could possibly even offer a customized profile (based on buying history) that displays favorite menu items and offers discounts on relevant items.

After ordering, payment is as simple as placing the phone next to the RFID reader. The transaction is as simple as opening the app, choosing an order, and paying by proximity. The added convenience for both the customer and the restaurant make speed – a vital part of any fast food restaurant – easily achievable.

The system quickly being utilized more and more in Japan demonstrates the potential that lies in RFID for the service industry. Nothing is more valuable to a fast food restaurant than efficiency, meaning that the return on investment (ROI) is not only higher margins due to minimized costs (labor savings, paper-free savings) but the priceless outcome of higher speed serving the consumer, meaning greater customer satisfaction.

The food industry is certain to be revolutionized by this equipment, as we watch its uses diversify with the development of the technology. AB&R offers the latest RFID devices, and makes a collaborative effort in determining the optimal solution for a company and in implementing it.

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