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Cost Center to Profit Center

From Cost Center to Profit Center – Transform your warehouse into a profitable operation.
Take a smarter approach to warehousing for more data in real-time—to make better business decisions. Our Enterprise Asset Intelligence provides innovations in WLAN, mobile technologies, and the Internet of Things that deliver results for Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation and Logistics.

Watch “From Cost Center to Profit Center: Warehousing 2018”

Watch “From Cost Center to Profit Center: Warehousing 2018”

Warehouse and Materials Management

Proactively respond to customer demand, inventory turnover, and regulatory requirements
Instantly track shipment contents
Improve processing time by 62%
Accelerate picking while reducing errors
Save up to 30 minutes per day per worker.
Instantly update ad validate the status of a return
Reduce the time it takes to identify and track inventory

Fleet Management and Delivery

Monitor driver and vehicle performance in real-time—location, speed and excess idling
Improve driver safety and decrease insurance costs
Accurately schedule load pickups and deploy the most appropriate vehicle
Ensure compliance mandates are met
Expedite delivery times
Enable drivers to process transactions on demand, correct mistakes, and place correction orders.

Power up your WLAN
A successful mobility strategy starts with a strong infrastructure. Explore wireless LAN—including the revolutionary distributed architecture that provides seamless connections.

Talk to us about shifting your warehouse from a cost center to a profit center.