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Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Increasing efficiency with Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
In order to keep the competitive edge of your enterprise, you need to increase efficiency and total visibility. Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a sales model that allows you to achieve just that. It shortens your supply chain by eliminating wholesaler logistics and creates numerous opportunities for improvement; especially in high velocity industries with high turnover rates.

With the right tools and systems, field workers are able to:

Develop real-time inventory visibility
Deploy on-the-spot order management
Gain insight into planogram compliance
Take advantage of upsell opportunities
Guarantee Proof of Service
Better predict demand forecasts

When your field worker can gain all these controls, they are able to sell faster and grow customer bases while countering competitive threats. DSD solutions will ultimately lead your enterprise to greater profitability and cash flow.
Enhance your DSD Model
AB&R can provide you with the solutions you need to ensure your supply chain integration. Our solutions combine pre-sales and delivery functionality that empowers the mobile worker with the right software, devices, and data they need to ensure customer satisfaction.

You can view AR by invoice level, collect multiple forms of payment in the field, maintain a perpetual inventory, create future orders to be delivered at a later date, loT tracking with product recall, fulfill orders on the spot, and generate invoices with signature capture at the point of delivery.

Using these systems, you are guaranteed to quickly achieve positive results.
Interested in learning more about improving your DSD process?