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Employee Traceability

“The speed and accuracy of validating contractors and employees as they enter the facility, in addition to the added benefits of knowing exactly who is on site in the event of an emergency, makes the Scansmart ID solution a necessity for each of our sites.” -Bren N., Site Foreman

Background & Challenge
Say “so long” to the days of paper name tags and sign in sheets. The security of your human capital and intellectual property are of the utmost importance. Scansmart ID provides real-time identity verification with the scan of a barcode and is a customizable solution for your organization. Based on your environment and technical challenges, you decide which mobile device, card printer, service, and accessories will work best for your needs. The business needs will define the proper equipment to scan ID badges at varies points of entry. If a workstation application is what you want, don’t worry, it comes standard with Scansmart ID. In the event of an evacuation, Scansmart ID can be used off-site to determine which scanned employees were in your facility. This is a lifesaving resource for emergency responders.
Skanska has very strict requirements for maintaining the access to their sites.  Their solution validates those entering the job site and it can validate individuals in the event of a disaster.

Without electricity and wireless coverage at the beginning of the construction project, the team needed to rely on a device with cellular coverage, the speed of the carrier to transfer images, and a hosted web portal that was easy to manage and maintain.

The users choose the Motorola MC65 imaging device for fast and accurate scanning of the badges upon entrance and exit of the construction site.  They also relied on fixed scanning workstations as employees entered and exited higher security locations to validate that the right people were in the proper location.

Accurate scanning and a consistent network saved an incredible amount of labor in data entry and reporting.


Control Access to your facility
Confirm the identity of each person as they enter your location
Remote access to your database allows you to view and make changes through a secure Internet connection.
The solution can be individually customized to meet special requirements


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