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Enhanced Experience, Even Viewing From Home

]Video conferencing, email, chats and phone calls make up a significant percentage of our days – especially since the pandemic hit. Cell phones are practically an appendage for most people. The internet is a staple for productivity. And to be completely honest, for a lot of fun non-productive things, too. Technology is ingrained in just about every aspect of our lives and we’ve continued to invest in these technologies because they benefit us. These advancements have made people, places, and experiences so much more accessible. 

It should come to no surprise that tech would eventually amplify the way we experience sports. And five years ago, that’s exactly what happened to football in the NFL. The Next Gen Stats, made available with RFID, bring viewers – at home, in the media box, on the sidelines – into the game like never before. The RFID technology that tracks inventory across global supply chains is recording and reporting the yards, speed, and rate of acceleration/deceleration of your favorite QB. Read more from our friends at Zebra about how the NFL is using radio frequency identification to capture its edge.