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Overview of Commercial Wi-Fi & Enterprise Wireless
As wireless in the enterprise or commercial wi-fi appears in the spotlight, we find our facilities may not be performing at its optimal levels. As Wireless powers the technologies within the supply chain and keeps our workforce mobile the importance of Industrial Wireless comes to the edge. Wireless deadzones and interference can jeopardize efficiency and productivity. How do you gauge wireless strength, coverage, and reliability?

Starting with strength, there are actual wi-fi stress tests completed to provide information on how many devices are on a single AP until failure or breaking point. These tests can help to identify stronger AP’s available in order to meet business requirements.

Predictive surveys can be one form to provide initial feedback on performance; whether there are enough AP’s for a reliable signal and where they can be placed to achieve the best coverage. See an example Predictive survey.

In order to make an informed decision, you’ll need to know what expectations you will have for your organization. For example, do you plan to have a scalable solution with future plans of expansion or multiple facilities? Does your organization have multiple areas of coverage needed such as an office, warehouse, and waiting area where guest networks are accessible? Consider who will manage and monitor the wireless as it could be an internal or external resource as wireless-as-a-service becomes an option for organizations with limited internal resources. For a better look into the needs of your organization, complete this Wireless Checklist: