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Explore the IoT ecosystem

Explore the IoT ecosystem
Have you wondered how the Internet of Things (IoT) plays a role in your organization?
Read more to see a day in the life of the IoT ecosystem.
1. Parts are received to assemble products, and upon receiving, directly entered into the system using readers, scanners, and RFID.

2. After the information is collected, you can directly access the information from your tablet.

3. Since the IoT ecosystem lets us integrate all the systems together, we can control each individual step; which parts are being used, the quality of the parts, where they are located, etc. Devices with various form factors, scanning and reading capabilities, or even an Android™ platform are available.

4. Using an RFID reader and antennas, we can look at the finished product and ensure it is the correct quality.

5. After initial high quality is ensured, the proper label will print containing any information that the final consumer needs to be informed of.

6. After shipments are sent, manufacturers continuously track their products until it reaches its end destination. If there are any issues that surface, the manufacturer will know how and where to solve the problem.

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