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Financing During a Pandemic

The continuous evolution of technology has changed how corporations consume equipment, shifting market sentiment toward a subscription-based philosophy. In turn, this philosophy is taking the market by storm. Without upfront capital investments, the accessibility of equipment, software and technology has never been easier. It is enabling faster growth for companies who utilize these assets. As institutions offer as-a-service solutions, the traditional way of purchasing has been disrupted.  Now, the traditional way of purchasing is being re-evaluated.  From manufacturing equipment to IoT devices and ultimately any equipment that brings their business value, the approach is changing.

The shift of market sentiment has stemmed from a world of unpredictability combined with incredible technology advancement. By providing corporations a way to pay for their equipment using subscription-based solutions, corporations are able to more easily adapt to the necessary technology. This is a direct result of their future barrier to entry being eliminated. Enabling flexibility and stability to a corporation by providing steady monthly payments for their equipment, software and services has helped companies to continue to invest in their business without hesitation, knowing they have reduced their risk and provided stability to their expenses.

Since the COVID-19 shutdown began in March, companies needed to utilize creative solutions to reduce their current cash output and stabilize spending for the foreseeable future.

Companies turned to a variety of spending solutions: leasing, utility-based billing, as-a-service solutions, payment deferrals, sale-leaseback, and many others, all with the purpose of enabling companies to make the necessary purchases for their corporations and continue to advance their business. With a wide variety of options, companies like yours have more choices. You can choose what fits their business model the best and continue to drive productivity.

Our trusted partners provide consumption-based solutions that afford customers a new flexibility, never before adopted like it has with COVID-19. We are redefining the old premise of how to pay for equipment. With equipment, technology and software helping to drive revenues, the ability to align the cost of a project to the usage of the project has unleashed capital to enable liquidity and strategic investments for many companies around the country.