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From around the web: 5 Excellent Infographics About RFID

Bringing together some insightful RFID infographics; easy to read, packed with information, and pictures to tell the story. Take a look at these RFID infographics for a better understanding of RFID, use cases, and the future of RFID.
1. An RFID Infographic  – Thinkmagic
This infographic takes you down the RFID track from adoption of technology to the potential innovation of RFID for the future.


2. RFID vs. NFC – atlasRFIDstore
We like this infographic because it clearly identifies the differences between RFID and NFC with unbiased approach. Take a closer look in this infographic at the “Popular Uses” section for great ways to apply each to your organization.

3. Barcode vs. RFID – American Barcode and RFID (AB&R)
We may be a little partial to this one, however; this infographic is great for answering the question: What technology is a better fit?

4. The Future of Big Data – onlinebusinessdegree
Big Data has become a well-known term in our world today. This infographic shows how and where we gain insight and as you may already have guessed, RFID is the source of everyday data collection. According to this infographic do you agree with the positives and negatives of Big Data?

5. Wal-Mart’s RFID Technology – Mitun
If you’re not familiar with Wal-Mart’s RFID technology efforts and how it’s changed their productivity, here’s an inside look. This graphic illustrates the RFID tags/readers in action for shipping, receiving, and inventory tracking.

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