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Gain the most out of Wireless in the Warehouse

Is your business’ wireless connectivity slow and unreliable? Warehouse productivity and efficiency directly affected by poor wireless? What is your current Wireless Infrastructure?

Were you able to answer these questions?

Wireless isn’t just for home offices and cellular devices. Wireless in the Warehouse is providing increases in inventory accuracy, efficiency in operations, and productivity improvements throughout the Supply Chain. Commercial Wi-Fi keeps your business connected for real-time visibility throughout the warehouse.

Your investments in technology for the supply chain include expensive equipment such as barcode/rfid scanners, readers, tags, printers, mobile computers, and other handheld or portable devices for improvements in productivity. Get the most out of them with Commercial Wi-Fi Coverage.
What to Expect from Wireless in the Warehouse
Integration and Real-Time Visibility

WMS, Apps, and current systems can be entirely visible in real-time with the right Wi-Fi connectivity. With a high-performance Wi-Fi you will enable your business to sync to mobile devices and send or update data from any location in the warehouse. You will be provided with insight into your everyday transactions with wireless in the warehouse. For example, if your warehouse is currently using handheld scanners to receive, pick, or ship items wireless will allow you to transmit the data you receive, when you receive it, to whomever needs to process it. Errors and delays from batch uploading are history with a high-performance Wi-Fi Network.

Challenging Environments and Scalable Solutions

Wireless in the warehouse often presents challenges with metal racks, ceiling heights, temperature conditions, and additional types of interference. All of these challenges can be addressed during an on-site survey in addition to achieving a scalable solution for businesses that are planning for future expansions. Even if your wireless infrastructure includes different levels of security access (for example guest networks for customers or waiting rooms) there is a solution to meet the needs of your company. There are also preliminary predictive site surveys that provide information on estimated number and location of Access Points to give you an initial understanding of what your environment will need. Get started with a Free Predictive Survey Today!

Management Options for Wireless in the Warehouse

Based on your needs, you may find that a technical resource to monitor and manage your wireless network is already a part of your staff or becomes a part of an SLA with your solution integrator. Reducing risk by monitoring and securely managing wireless will save you time and frustration if and when an issue may arise. This also becomes important when you have multiple warehouses that you would like to have managed and monitored remotely from a central location. Having a dedicated resource with the certified technical skills to manage your Wi-Fi solution will reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and overall productivity.