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Harsh Environment Labels

Labels Built to Withstand Anything
Harsh Environments like this can damage labels and make them unreadable.

Extreme environments call for extreme measures. The correct material, ribbon, and adhesive for your harsh environment labels is imperative for strong business operations. Your labels need to survive the journey from start to finish. AB&R® offers a broad range of high performance labels that match your needs.

The seven high-durability labels listed below are designed with harsh environments in mind. Each carry their own purpose. Together, these labels can withstand any harsh exposure.
The Top Harsh Environment Labels 

Z Supreme 2000T
This thermal transfer, polyimide facestock label is created specifically for high-temperature environments. Tolerating up to 700°F with its high temperature acrylic adhesive, this label is designed for printed circuit board applications, including lead-free manufacturing processes.
Z Ultimate 3000T
This tear and water resistant label is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its high resistance to chemicals combined with its excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces makes it the ideal “all terrain” label.
Duratran S Permanent Label
Duratran S labels, with their durable topcoat and film label stock, readily endure rainy, wet conditions. Their aggressive acrylic adhesive bonds securely with common surfaces such as corrugated cartons and reusable produce containers. Rated to a minimum application temperature of 25°F, these labels are highly effective for wet environments.

Some harsh environment labels can withstand cryogenic freezing as seen here.

DTL – Freezer/AT/CT
This label features an all temperature permanent acrylic adhesive that performs in both cold and damp environments as low as -65°F. It has an excellent mandrel hold with great adhesion to a wide variety of surface materials. This label is best used for barcode and human readable labels in retail, healthcare, and industrial markets.
Q09 Cryo Polypropylene
This label is designed to perform at cryogenic temperatures and under other difficult conditions. Dry ice, stream autoclave, gamma radiation, you name it! It can handle it. The surface is top coated to provide superior print-ability by flexographic and thermal transfer methods. This facestock is resistant to many chemicals, including xylene, isopropanol, dimethyl sulfoxide and 10% hydrochloric acid.
J-46 PolyProp-AT
This matte, white thermal transfer printable polypropylene label with an all temperature acrylic adhesive is designed specifically for label dispensing. An economical choice for applications requiring a film label and an all temperature adhesive such as cold, damp, and elevated environments.
B-7515 High-Strength Adhesive
The B-7515 High Strength permanent adhesive label measures the force required to remove tape from the surface with a 180° peel and a constant rate of 12 inches per minute. It has a great overall adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including low energy plastics.

Overview of Harsh Environment Labels
This chart displays key characteristics of barcode labels created to withstand harsh environments.
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