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Honeywell’s Multiverse of Efficiency-Boosting Products

In July, AB&R and Honeywell hosted a Thor: Love and Thunder opening night event for our local customers. The movie got us wondering: If Thor worked in the supply chain, which equipment would he trust to improve his workflows and overall efficiency?

Our bet is on Honeywell’s full suite of scanners, printers, mobile computers and software. Our hardware products are strong enough to rival Mjolnir and Stormbreaker!

So, let’s go through a (spoiler-free!) list of the solutions AB&R and Honeywell offer.

Rugged Mobile Computers

No, Honeywell did not forge its mobile computers in the light of a dying star.  But their devices do feature an ultra-rugged design. Take the CK65, which is capable of withstanding dust, rain and 8-foot drops. Plus, a 28-hour battery life powers nearly three shifts, enabling distribution centers to slay unnecessary downtime and increase productivity.

Rugged Mounted Vehicle Computers

Thor and the Thor VM1A have more than a name in common: They can both take you right to the front lines in a flash by using bi-frost and a lightning-fast processor (almost the same thing, right?). Using the Mobility Edge Platform, you can provision and deploy your Thor VM1A mounted vehicle computer faster than ever. Speaking of frost, the Thor VM1A and VM3A are built for harsh temperatures and come with an optional screen defroster for your cold storage and freezer rooms.

Operational Intelligence

We don’t think there is anything more frightening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe than Alioth, but Operational Intelligence conquers one of the most intimidating tasks in your business: device management. This –friendlier– cloud-based software keeps watch of your devices at every stage of their lifecycles. From helping you recover lost devices in minutes to managing batteries, Operational Intelligence is your best defense against losing your devices and productivity to the void.

Next Steps

If your endgame plans involve  team of specialists (heroes) and an arsenal of hardware (weapons) that break through your productivity barriers, we’re here to help. AB&R has been in the barcoding and RFID universe for 40+. Our years of expertise enable us to design solutions that best improve your workflows.