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How to Resolve Printing Issues Caused by Microsoft Update

The Issue and Cause
Late last week, Microsoft released a Windows Security update that is affecting a variety of printers, including label and RFID models. If you have installed update KB5004945,KB5004760 or KB5003690, you may be affected.

The most common symptom is that print jobs are being sent, but nothing is printing. So far, we have only heard about these issues from one partner; however, we anticipate that this is a widespread issue among label printer manufacturers.

Who it is affecting: All printers running Windows 10 versions 21H1, 20H2, or 2004; All printers running Windows Server 20H2 or 2004

Visit Zebra’s support page for the latest updates
What You Can Do
The best route you can take to resolve this issue is to update your printer driver. You can do this by downloading the latest drivers from your printer’s manufacturer. If you are using a Zebra printer in particular, we recommend the following steps.

Step by Step
To resolve the KB5004945 issue, complete the following steps recommended by Zebra.

Uninstall your current driver.
Visit Zebra’s Printer Support and Updates
Enter the printer name or model number in the search bar, or search via the “browse by product type” function.
Under your printer model’s page, select the “Drivers” tab on the navigation bar and select the most recent update.
Install the driver you just downloaded with admin permissions.

Note that for this to work as intended, you must have admin access to the printer. This is the safest, most permanent way of resolving your printer issues.

Patches on the Way
We want to leave you with some good news: Microsoft is working on resolving the issue on their end and may release additional solutions and patches in the coming days.
We’ve Got Your Back
We are here to help. If you’re still experiencing printing issues or would like assistance with updating your driver, give us a call or send us an email. We can walk you through these steps and answer any remaining questions you may have.