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How To Track a Lot of Information Without a Larger Barcode

One of the popular misconceptions in barcode tracking is that the barcodes must contain all the information about the material being tracked. This includes the part number, the quantity, the manufacturer, the lot number and the expiration date.

While there are standards to follow in content tracking specified by the GS1 organization. This information can result in a very long 1D barcodes that can’t be easily decoded using low-cost barcode scanners. On the other hand it could result in the need for 2D barcodes that require the use of more expensive scanners to read the information.

A solution to this need for lengthy, detailed information required by your business is to use a technique known as “license plate tracking”.

License plate tracking, is a technique used by FedEx and UPS but is also applicable to many industrial organizations that need detailed tracking information on containers of material. This technique places all of the data about the contents of a container or a serialized item in a database record and then uses the tracking barcode attached to the item or container as a reference to the database record containing all the detailed information of the container.

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