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Inventory Management Services and Solutions Success Video

Inventory Management Success Story
…Even with the delicious success of Anna’s Pasta Products the company was still losing money because of supply chain problems, theft, spoiled inventory and mismanagement.
That’s when Anna came to us.

The first thing AB&R did for Anna was provide a complete and thorough evaluation of her business from top to bottom.
The fact is, that’s the only way to know exactly what challenges a particular company is facing and determine what solutions they actually need.

Utilizing the Honeywell CK70 Ultra Rugged Mobile Computer and the Thor CV31 Vehicle Mount Computer Anna’s personnel had the tools they needed to manage inventory in real-time from anywhere in the factory and from production to delivery.

AB&R has years of experience in designing inventory management solutions with the certified technicians to install those solutions, service them once they’ve been implemented and provide ongoing support.

Today Anna’s company is selling more product, and making more profits, than ever before. AB&R is the single point of contact for all of her company’s inventory management needs. Our tracking solutions increased inventory accuracy,  decreased their overhead costs and helped Anna’s Pasta improve their customer relations and satisfaction levels and most importantly…Increase profits.

Whatever your business manufactures…Whether it’s pasta, electronics, clothing or any of thousands of other items…
AB&R has the inventory management success to help your business increase efficiency, productivity and profits.

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