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iOS, Android, and Windows RFID Solutions

Turn your smartphone or tablet into an RFID reader with iOS, Android and Windows RFID Solutions from AB&R®


You’ve been wanting to implement RFID but hesitant to invest in the readers due to cost, operating systems, and/or integration complexities. Now there is a reader that allows you to scan using your iPhone or similar device. This handheld reader is lightweight and RFID Ready. To learn more about the iOS compatible reader, contact an AB&R® RFID Specialist. Call us 800-281-3056



Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device
Supports a wide range of operating systems from Android, iOS, and Windows
Allows configuration for your specific requirements for rapid deployment
The solution uses what you currently have in terms of consumer-devices
Provides fast, accurate, mobile asset tracking with your own device

Tumble Resistant
Drop Resistant – Multiple drops to concrete up to 4ft
Lightweight – 13.4oz (including battery & trigger handle)
IP54 Sealing
Read range varies based on tag type, items tagged, number of tags in the field and other radio/environmental factors

How is this handheld different from other UHF handheld readers?
Limitations of existing handheld readers

Most handheld RFID readers are two pieces that need to match. When one becomes obsolete, both will need to be replaced.
Limitations on read-range, read rate, tag singulation, write performance, battery life, etc.
Incompatible with “BYOD” – Bring your own device practices
Choice of device operating system and user interface is limited
Typically a large/bulky device with dual technologies (that may or may not be needed)

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