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Making The Move to Android™

People are naturally resistant to change. We enjoy our comfort zones where everything is familiar. However at some point, as we all know, we must make changes. Fortunately, changes are usually for the better and when it comes to upgrading your operating system (OS) that is certainly the case. And with Windows Embedded CE 6.0, Handheld 6.5, and Compact 7 all coming to their end of life (EOL) soon there’s no better time than now to make the move to Android™.
OS End of Life
An operating system’s end of life isn’t as harsh as it sounds, but it isn’t something to write off. EOL means the OS will not get any future upgrades or technical support. This impacts the user in 3 important ways.

Security – Computer viruses are named so because of their similarity to biological viruses. They continually change and morph to adapt to the ever-changing environment of the host (In this case the hosts are your devices). If the software you’re using isn’t regularly updated to protect against the new viruses, then they are more likely to be infected.
Functionality – An operating system that isn’t receiving updates will eventually become slow, unresponsive, and obsolete. Some applications might stop working because of system requirements that won’t be met by an out-dated OS.
User Friendliness – New employees won’t familiar with older operating systems, and that means it will take time to train them. Older operating systems will also be “clunkier” and more difficult to navigate.

Android’s Growing Popularity

Android is currently the most popular mobile/tablet OS in the market, and their share is growing. According to Statista, Android covers over 85% of the global mobile OS market.[note] [/note] That is a definitive spot at the top. The popularity is derived from its principally open-sourced platform which gives users free range to modify and develop applications. The OS is also cost-effective and allows applications to send updates faster with Google’s quick approval process. This trend is also catching the eye of many mobile computer manufacturers who are using Android as their standard OS on new devices.
Making The Change
Knowing your devices will be running on post EOL software and that Android is the optimal choice for replacing it makes the decision for OS migration easy. The question now becomes, how can it be done effectively? That’s where AB&R® comes in. AB&R® provides custom application development and migration services that seamlessly brings your operations up-to-date. There’s no reason to wait!

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