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Peek into the Pages of AB&R’s History with Zebra

From a Phone Call to a Partnership Spanning More than Two Decades

When AB&R’s president and CEO Mike Stryczek purchased the company in the late 90’s, one of his first phone calls was to an industrial barcode printer manufacturer to inquire about their products. Little did he know that this phone call would mark a pivotal point in the company’s history.

That manufacturer was no other than Zebra Technologies, and that phone call ignited what is now a 24-year strong partnership with the leading AIDC company. Over the years, we’ve partnered to equip thousand with products and solutions that stand the test of time.

To celebrate our partnership, Zebra featured AB&R on their blog as part of their Partner Appreciation Month. In the piece, Mike Stryczek and Gary Randall, VP of Sales and Marketing, discuss our history with the company and the future of tech.

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