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Personnel Tracking for Every Situation

Tracking people’s movement around a defined area extends beyond tracking employees within a business. From the day to day uses, to emergency situations, to the special occasions,RFID enables you to track and control access throughout your space.

For Every Day

Tracking Employees Within Your Business

Tracking your assets extends beyond the tools and equipment you use. It can be applied to your personnel, too.

By using RFID fixed readers throughout your location and RFID tags in employee badges, for example, you can gain insight into the flow of traffic and frequently visited locations.

Personnel tracking helps you monitor:

when employees arrive at their station
length of time spent in certain locations
what tool / equipment they were using (if these are tagged, too)

For Emergency Situations

Mustering Systems Help Save Lives

Mustering is the concept of assembling in a safe location in the event of a natural disaster or man-made emergency.

It can be used in any situation that requires an evacuation, including:

Natural Disasters
Chemical Spills

Location visibility, gained by using RFID, allows you to create a strategic plan – even in the midst of emergency induced chaos.

For Special Occasions

ID Badges Worth Saving

From edge-to-edge color printing to the RFID capabilities, the ZC10L Card Printer is in a class of it’s own. It is enabled to encode NFC or UHF RFID during the printing process. Create functional, attractive ID cards that people want to hang on to with this multi-faceted printer.

Perfect for creating commemorative ID’s for:

Sporting events
Company events

Each of these forms of tracking only works when the person is within range of RFID readers. The technology we have described does not use GPS tracking, nor does it enable companies to track personnel or patrons once they have left the designated tracking area.