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Print On Demand Food Labeling: Why It’s Important

Food Safety
While print on demand food labeling probably isn’t something you think about each time you get ready to chow down or go grocery shopping, it plays a big role in keeping you safe.

Food safety and labeling all starts well before food makes it to your plate, and it’s in the supply chain where responsibility takes place. In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced new labeling requirements for packaged foods to, among other things, inform consumers about what they eat.

Unfortunately, food safety and traceability in the U.S. food supply chain needs improvement. According to Health and Human Services, 59% of North American food facilities did not meet the FDA’s requirements for traceability. In addition, the 2018 romaine lettuce E.coli 0157: H1 outbreak that infected 210 people and caused five deaths re-emphasizes the importance of food safety. To learn more about traceability and compliance in the food supply chain, click here.

When it comes to food safety and labeling, we have a solution being used by food companies across the country. In fact, you may have even consumed a product with one of our LabelSmart food labels.

LabelSmart Print On Demand Food Labeling
LabelSmart is a print on demand food service labeling system designed to help companies produce labels on the go. The benefits of generating labels on demand are numerous, including:

You have no inventory of pre-printed labels that may become obsolete over time.
It alerts consumers about ingredients in their food so they can view in the event of a specific food allergy.
On-demand labels are ideal for kitchens that prepare or customize dozens of different kinds of foods, each requiring a dedicated label.
Customers can have it their way. On-demand labels are perfect for customers who like to customize the ingredients in their meal.

LabelSmart is an all-in-one AB&R® product
What does this mean for you?

Development, design, and support are located in-house by our team. As an AB&R® product, we are continually making improvements to the software.

2018 LabelSmart software release
Enhancements and features include:

Offline access when Wifi or LTE is not available.
User customizable favorites.
Compatible on Android 7.0 and higher.
Cleaner, crisper user experience.

See the full list of enhancements and features:

If you’re ready to learn more about food service labeling or would like a free demo of LabelSmart, fill out the form below, and we’ll schedule a convenient time for you.

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