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Product Review: Vehicle-Mounted Computers

Vehicle-Mounted Computers are multi-purpose mobile devices that connect multiple experiences in one. These products are fit for warehouse environments and allow quick, accurate and comfortable task completion. We have selected the following devices as top models. Our focus was on ruggedness, productivity, and efficiency to ensure that your business is prepared to meet daily challenges.
Top Vehicle-Mounted Computers
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This device is for various environments and has the ability to withstand vibrations, shock or abrasions. Advantech DLoG offers a wide variety of models with various features and operating systems like Windows 7, 10 and Android™. The DLT-V72 comes with functional keys, an integrated uninterruptible power supply, and an optional screen defroster. It also includes a 12-48VDC converter, UPS, DC power cable, cable cover, gasket material & strain reliefs.

Thor VM3
Thor VM3
The Thor VM3 is strong, made for tough environments. It provides flexibility to replace the front screen panel and remove it from its mount quickly. It requires an external keyboard for typed input but includes an integrated antenna. It has a special feature to operate in low-temperature environments. While this device does not have GPS, it does have Bluetooth and the Dual Core Atom E3826, 1.5GHz processor. This device provides great value for a business’ workflow.

Zebra VC80
The VC80 fits in virtually any warehouse/material handling vehicle and features Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Embedded Standard 7 or Windows 7 Professional operating system. It is compact with the smallest screen of 12.1” and offers many mounting options for easy installation. The VC80 has ports for additional barcode scanners, mobile printers and more! GPS and Bluetooth are additional features of this product.

Xslate R12
Xslate R12
Although this device requires a mount adapter, it is worth it. The R12 rugged tablet compared to the other Xplore tablets is beneficial because the size of the screen is 12.5”, and the full HD resolution (1920×1080). Compared to the VM3, VC80, and DLT-V7212, this device has the highest operating temperature of 131°F, but it will fall behind in colder climates. This unit does not have any function buttons or keys, but they have powerful processors, consisting of Celeron, i5 and i7 Intel options. This product also comes with Bluetooth and GPS abilities. The R12 is compatible with Windows 10 and Android™.


Product Comparison

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