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Product Review: Wireless Mobile Printers

Mobile Printers
Throughout many industries, mobile printers allow an endless array of documentation, ticketing, and labeling tasks—from traditional barcodes to radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Mobile printers include many of the same features found on stationary machines. The progress made in mobile printing gives end users the flexibility to print materials on demand, when and where they need them. Uninterrupted mobility drives new business processes that take advantage of point-of-transaction printing to improve productivity, labeling accuracy, and responsiveness time. There is a large selection of mobile printers to choose from, so we put together our three favorites to help make your decision a little easier.
Top Mobile Printers

The smallest and most affordable mobile receipt printer, the ZQ520 is compact and lightweight enough to fit in a pocket or wear comfortably on a belt. With its fantastic battery life and multiple charging options, users experience increased uptime and higher productivity with fewer printer interruptions. It also syncs with any Apple®, Android™, or Windows® mobile device, maximizing its convenience.


The RL4e portable label printer is designed to meet the most diverse mobile applications – from warehouse to retail. Flexible, secure wireless integration, as well as the reliable gears and latches, keeps it running for years to come.  The RL4e offers Bluetooth® and LE Dual Radio communications with built-in emulation for the most popular printer languages which make it easy to integrate into an enterprise ecosystem.


The PB42 4″ wireless portable receipt printer is designed to improve store delivery, field service, and home utility applications. Daily route activities are easily entered and tracked via a mobile computer throughout worker shifts. Receipts are immediately provided to the customer for prompt payment or to eliminate duplicate billing efforts.



Product Comparison

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