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RAIN RFID & Industry 4.0

The RAIN RFID organization was founded by Impinj, Intel, Google, and SmartTrac in 2014 at RFID Journal Live. Their stated goal is to promote the use of passive UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID technology through education, testing, and support. Since its inception, hundreds of members have joined to grow and improve UHF RFID usage in business. They’ve even crafted standards that ensure tags perform at a high level. The RAIN RFID alliance has made great strides in making passive UHF RFID technology, and RFID technology in general, more mainstream.
RAIN RFID Applications


Alliance approved tags are either GS1 UHF Gen2 or ISO/IEC 18000-63 compliant. This guarantees they can identify, locate, authenticate, and engage a variety of different items in a multitude of environments. From inventory and asset tracking to climate and temperature monitoring, there are a wide array of applications that can help your business.
Industry 4.0 and The Future
The alliance defines Industry 4.0 as the convergence of big data, advanced analytics, cyber-physical systems, smart connectivity, and IoT. This revolution is having a profound impact on production processes and supply chains across the world. But like every growing technology, the applications haven’t been fully realized. One big issue that still needs to be tackled is data security (This not only applies to RFID aggregated data but data in general). There are some potential solutions like using blockchain technology, but it still has its problems. Whatever the future holds for RFID you can be sure that RAIN RFID & AB&R® will be at the forefront.


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