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RFID Sensing & Asset Tracking

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Managing Assets
As the RFID technology industry grows, so do its capabilities. For a long time, RFID has been a valuable tool in locating where things are, and that’s still true today. But regulating assets requires more than just location services. Managers need to understand other variables that affect longevity and usefulness of their assets. That’s where RFID sensing comes in. Engineers developed a way to integrate sensors and RFID tags to read and communicate critical measurements. Now you can use tags already locating your items to give you, even more, insight to help manage your assets.

RFID Sensing

Temperature – Spoilage can be a primary concern when dealing with perishable goods. An RFID temperature sensor can alert you when the temperature in a particular area reaches a limit that damages your product.
Humidity – Heavy moisture will cause material like metal to rust, and if you’re not monitoring humidity levels you may be replacing expensive assets more often than you need.
Pressure – Water, Oil, and gas pipelines need to be frequently measured to manage pressure and fluid velocity. Sensors can be positioned to measure pipe corrosion and contamination buildup allowing you to be proactive about potential dangers.

There are many other RFID sensing opportunities depending on your business needs. AB&R® is always here to help you unlock these capabilities, so you can run a more efficient operation and increase ROI.

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