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Selecting Labels & Supplies

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 Label & Ribbon Selection Tips
1. Match the Printer with the Media
2. Match the label to the specific application
3. Be Consistent – Use the same media to avoid frequently adjusting printer settings
4. Protect the Printer – Low quality media may harm the printer and lead to higher maintenance and repair costs
5. Work with the experts – Upfront analysis of your business goals and plans for the future can verify the right media to achieve success

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How to Extend the Life of your Printhead
1. Proper Installation
2. Ongoing Attention
3. Regular, Scheduled Maintenance

New Printhead
Properly Maintained Printhead  (Over 1 Million Inches)
Poorly Maintained Printhead (Less Than 1 Million Inches)

Common reasons why printheads fail

Insufficient cleaning or using the wrong cleaning solutions. A cleaning should be scheduled at regular intervals (inches printed, ribbon changes or by days/weeks) depending on machine use.
High heat, pressure and poor quality ribbons can cause pins to wear down or break, resulting in barcodes that don’t scan and low quality human-readable text. Your printed output on labels will lose that crisp, dark contrast, high-read rate.
The use of sharp tools or allowing debris build up can permanently damage the printhead and rollers. Also, care must be taken when removing a printhead to avoid damage to the printhead’s image line.
Always use thermal transfer ribbons that are slightly wider than the width of the printhead to protect all printhead elements from abrasion.
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can cause printhead dots to fail. In more severe cases, it can cause the entire printhead to fail. Use anti-static measures when handling the printhead for cleaning or jam removal to prevent this damage.

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Zebra Supplies Selector
The Zebra Supplies Selector can assist you in narrowing down your search for the best supplies for your printer.

Start using the Selector Tool today!


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