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Should I purchase a service plan?

You may think that sticking with the printer manufacturer’s warranty, rather than purchasing a service plan will give you the coverage you need. After all, your new printer was an expensive investment. But in most cases it is best to purchase a service plan that will cover the things your warranty doesn’t.

To compound the problem, if you have a problem with your printer and send it back to the manufacturer for warranty service and they determine it isn’t defective, then you are also on the hook for the shipping and handling charges along with the cost of your downtime.

That is why you need to consider a service plan from AB&R. We can offer you coverage that extends beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.
Ensure quick return of your equipment
If your broken printer or scanner took a few weeks to get repaired, what would be the cost to your business? Would it be worth it to save a little money to be without it? When you send your printer back to the manufacturer for repair, it can take weeks to get it back to you.

Often times businesses purchase a spare printer to use in case this happens, but a service plan that get’s your printer back to working condition in days not weeks is usually cheaper.
Cover problems not covered by your manufacturer’s warranty
With one of our coverage plans, when you have a problem with your printer, one of our professional technicians will come to your company and replace the part onsite. However, if you decide to replace the defective part yourself we can ship the part directly to you. Our coverage insures that you will be able to keep downtime to a minimum.
Professional consultation on using your printer
With the continuing advancements in printers, you may initially be unfamiliar with the way your new one works. With our professional consultants we can explain how to use your new printer or solve any problems that may come up, to get you up and running, to keep your printer working properly.
Professional, factory-trained technicians
Our professional technicians are here to provide the best support possible. All you have to do is give us a call and your problem becomes our number one priority. We will fix or replace any defect to get you back up and running.
Solve small problems before become big ones
Our preventative maintenance plan is the key to ensuring that your printer operates properly during the life of the service plan. Our technicians will inspect and clean your printer. We will replace any parts that are showing signs of wear, resulting in the security of knowing your printer will perform as it should when you need it.

Our service department can sit down with you and help you choose which of our plans is best for you. In the long run our service plans are the best way to make sure your company stays up and running and they more than pay for themselves in the added cost and hassle of downtime.
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