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Strategies Are Changing – So Should Your Tactics

The world has changed at a rapid pace, sending ripple effects down the supply chain. Last year’s events redefined how we work, where we work, and for some, why we work. As businesses adjust their strategies for the next few years, they must also make sure their tactics align with their new vision. 

Determining the right steps for executing your strategy isn’t always cut-and-dry, especially when your company has completely shifted its priorities. To help you determine how to proceed, we’ve pulled together some common industry strategies and tactical steps you can take to execute each. 

How Businesses are Changing
Before we jump in, let’s take a look at some data. We know that business strategies are shifting, but how are they shifting? Capgemini Research Institute published a data-packed report on the state of the supply chain heading into the new year that gives insight to how supply chain strategies are changing.

68% of business have had to change their business models 

57% of businesses plan to increase supply chain resiliency 

47% of organizations are ramping up their automation efforts

There’s a lot of ground to cover here. To make it easier for you to read, we’ve split this into four parts. In part 2, we cover how businesses are changing their business models to better meet their customers’ needs. In part 3, we talk about what it means to build resiliency in your supply chain. Finally, part 4 (arguably our favorite) discusses embracing warehouse automation.

Changing Your Business Model

Creating a Resilient Supply Chain

Embracing Warehouse Automation