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Technology Supporting The Return To Work

The way companies are returning to work, or shifting if they never completely left, differs from business to business. A trend we are seeing across the board, however, is that they are all relying on technology in ways they hadn’t before. Whether it’s companies like Twitter that are allowing employees to work from home, relying more heavily on video conferencing tools in place of meetings, or companies like Dow that are requiring body temperature screening and tracking systems to monitor any rebound in pandemic virus cases. The individual applications change, but the importance of technology doesn’t.

Today, we’re covering some of the new technology that businesses can use to keep employees safe, build trust, and keep business moving forward.

Innovative Devices Supporting the Safe Return to Work

Temperature Sensing
Bringing people back into company space takes proactive measures on the part of the company. There is a level of trust that employees need. One way companies like Salesforce are keeping employees safe is by implementing temperature screenings. Devices like this one provide fast and accurate body temperature measurements without needing to be touched. 100% hands-free hygienic user authentication (No-touch facial and palm recognition). This model can be programmed to the acceptable temperature range designated by the company and detects if a protective mask is being worn or not. If the acceptance criteria are not met, an alarm can sound, or it can be integrated with security systems that will not admit that person to enter the building or room.

Sanitizing UV Devices
Sanitizing frequently touched items is second nature to many of us these days. The approved alcohol wipes will sanitize your devices, but there is a way to clean them without the residue, chemical smell or frustrating hunt to restock them when supplies get low.

This UV-C light is used to eradicate harmful bacteria, including antibiotic resistant viruses (including SARS and MERS), Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Enterococcus (VRE), and E. coli. UV-C light has also been shown to be successful against the COVID-19 strain. Compatible with any tablet, mobile or payment device, the UV cleaning unit is designed to provide a quick and easy way to disinfect devices, eliminating 99.9% of pathogens. Simply place the device on the tray, activate the light, and let the sanitation happen. We recommend flipping the device over and activating it again for a full cleaning.

Wearable Devices
How many times do you pick up, put down, and pick up your phone again while trying to complete a task? Your phone collects bacteria, and spreads it, wherever it is resting while you need both hands for other tasks. It’s no different with mobile computers and scanners in work environments. Wearable devices can eliminate this issue. Workers aren’t putting wearables down to free up their hands – they’re already free. On models like this Mark Display, each worker can have their own dedicated glove or hand wrap and simply clip the mobile computer into place. The device itself can be sanitized between shifts, which is especially beneficial in situations where devices need to be shared.

Operational Intelligence
Proximity tracking and contact tracing have been top of mind, especially for large companies that are looking to keep employees safe at a large scale. With Operational Intelligence, companies can implement these safety precautions and data tracking on the mobile devices workers are already using daily. It monitors the proximity of activated devices alerting employees when they are too close. These social distancing alerts are also logged to support contact tracing if it becomes necessary at a later date.

Additional features include, but are not limited to:

Customer counting – cloud-based people counting solution supports synchronizing counters from multiple doors providing accurate tracking of building occupancy levels

Device cleaning alerts – configurable device cleaning reminder logs user acknowledged compliance.

Asset check-in/check-out – accurately log which employees are using your devices for the chain of custody, equipment abuse, and compliance monitoring

Learn more in this press release from Honeywell

Automated Lockers
The shift is over and it’s time for workers to return their equipment (scanners, mobile computers, tablets, etc) they signed out at the start of their day. The entire shift makes their way to the check-in line. It’s long. Do you have the space to stay socially distant?

Automated locker systems reduce the need to stand in line to check in their equipment. Our smart locker solutions allow each employee to return their device swiftly, securely, and safely. Avoid the check-in/check-out line and ensure devices are safe. Some locker solutions like these can be configured so that your IT department can assess the device’s health while it is inside the locker. No need for handling. And if a device is not in shape for use on the next shift, the lockers can keep that one out of the next distribution cycle until the issue can be addressed.

Technology enables us to accomplish tasks that weren’t previously possible. These resources are developed to meet your needs as a company and as people who care about the people you work with. If you want to know more about any of these technologies or want help developing a solution, give us a call. We’re the barcode and RFID experts so you don’t have to be.