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The Biggest Challenges with Commercial Wireless Services, and How You Can Fix It


Size: The dimensions of the warehouse and scalability of wireless networks as the warehouses increase in size can cause inefficiencies from receiving to picking to shipping.
Bottlenecks: Outdated technology often leads to the inability to keep up with high levels of bandwidth needed to run day to day operations leading to time consuming bottlenecks.
Downtime: While automation in the warehouse is a key player in today’s operations, an unreliable wireless setup that fails leads to costly downtime which can quickly spiral down to poor customer satisfaction and a lower ROI.
Multi-Type Devices: All types of devices such as Laptops, Barcode Scanners, RFID readers, tablets, handheld PC’s must be supported within the commercial wireless services and frameworks for increased productivity.

Determine the pain points in your organization and identify future goals for wireless capabilities. To do this you will want to test the inefficiencies of your current wireless solution to find the areas of weakness. There are predictive wireless surveys that can identify weaknesses, obstructions, and interference. Take advantage of the detailed reports to determine the actual number of AP’s needed, recommended locations of all AP’s, power requirements, and network/cable requirements. In some cases, wireless-as-a-service may make sense to your organization based on management and monitoring constraints. Keep in mind, wireless infrastructures can be built so they are scalable to continue reliable coverage as the warehouse grows.

Today, Commercial Wireless Services and Solutions can enhance and optimize performance in every function of the supply chain and with the right solution will keep warehouse operations reliable, consistent, and productive.


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