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The Mobile Workforce

Mobile Employees
The development of seamless wireless connectivity and constant ties of communication add to the massive growth of mobile employees across the nation. The mobile workforce is an emergent entity, comprised of a variety of solutions that enable communication, informational transfers, product delivery, and more to occur from remote locations.
Rugged Mobile Computers
Advancements in technology have allowed us to take those bulky desktop and personal computers and make them small, portable, and rugged. Mobile Handheld Computers are often simplified into just a scanning device, however, mobile computers can scan barcodes or RFID, connect to wi-fi and provide data in and out of your ERP system for data in real-time and visibility into all of your critical assets. Mobile computers are versatile and available with many different styles, configurations, and features.  Mobile computers are made to withstand harsh conditions and challenging environments, can be mounted to forklifts, in vehicles, anywhere within the warehouse, and offer the option for mobility.
Mobile Scanning Software
With any company that has products to deliver, the ability to collect information from any location is invaluable. New scanning systems allow customers to sign off on packages upon delivery, immediately delivering their signature and information to a database and eliminating the hassle of paperwork.

This software can even aid in service, alerting customers immediately at the time of delivery. Emails will include information obtained at time of delivery, and print receipts for the customer at time of delivery are always readily available.
Tracking Mobile Assets in Real Time
Mobile asset tracking is a no longer a thing of the future due to RFID tags. The power of RFID tags lies in the constancy of the data compilation and tracking they provide. Barcodes and labels can be very effective for managing and tracking assets, but RFIDs, though a bigger investment, are the smartest and most efficient system for the highest efficiency and effectiveness of any company.

RFID tags exclude the hassle of scanning codes, obtaining the necessary information solely by operating within proximity of the code, through Bluetooth technology. This provides huge convenience, but the most prominent facet of the technology is its real time tracking of big data. RFID not only tracks and manages assets, but it collects data. This is what separates RFID from barcodes: RFID tags have read and write capabilities.

This means that with RFID tags, a company can note and analyze which products leave the shelves faster (with exact numbers on inventory and how quickly the inventory decreases) and even see what customers buy said product. The big data provided to a company by the implementation of an RFID system is invaluable.

The mobile workforce is undoubtedly an eminent part of future industry. As technology improves, efficiency and manageability of a business will continue to do the same.
Are Low Batteries wasting your time?
Battery management seems simple when you have a few devices, but if your users and/or devices are in the hundreds this battery visibility becomes very uncertain. Knowing when batteries need to be replaced on each device, how often they are being charged, and how long they are being charged for can be a full-time job. If you need to stop spending time on managing batteries and get back to focusing on your bottom line or are looking to refresh batteries contact an AB&R specialist. We can work with you to see what plan fits best for your business to keep your uptime maximized, your workers productivity at optimium levels, and your time well-spent in more important business matters.
Shipping Labels, Receipt Paper, Blank or Custom Labels – We’ve got those too. Everything to keep your mobile workforce, mobile.

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